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Land of Enchantment

Santa Fe and New Mexico

An eclectic set of links to places and things of interest. Scroll down for more.

Acoma pot

An Acoma pot

Santa Fe

One of our major interests and favorite places is New Mexico, its capital Santa Fe, and the Southwest. We have a few links below to Santa Fe and New Mexico. We will add more from time to time.

We originally got interested in the Southwest by taking a guided tour of Anasazi ruins in the four corners region led by staff from the Crow Canyon Archeological Center in Cortez, CO. Since then both southwestern archeology and archeoastronomy have become major interests. Here are a few links to get started.

Southwestern Archeology

Photographs of Archeological Sites
This is a set photographs
Southwest Web Ring
Anthropology and Archaeology
The Solstice Project
Studies the rich astronomical heritage of the ancient Chaco culture in the American Southwest
The Cedar Mesa Project
Cedar Mesa is a large mesa in the four corners region of southern Utah just north of the San Juan River and Monument Valley with a large group of Anasazi ruins. One of its major features is Grand Gultch, a large canyon with many untouched sites. This site has an extensive list of links to the area and its features.
Chaco Culture National Historical Park
Perhaps the most impressive of all Anasazi sites, Chaco Canyon was the home of the culture's greatest flourescence which ended for reasons we still do not fully understand about 1150 A.D.
World Heritage Sites in US
Includes both Chaco Canyon and the Taos Pueblo.


Wikipedia Overview
Society for Cultural Astronomy in the American Southwest
Solar Astronomy in the Prehistoric Southwest
Archaeoastronomy of the Southwest: A Course